Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod Film Event and Starting the Miracle Morning Challenge | How it Changed My Life

Hi all

I haven’t written anything since last November but I want to change that. I want to start writing in my blog again. I feel inspired. Thanks for still viewing my blog. I really appreciate the support.

On Tuesday night, I went to this film event called Miracle Morning that was run by my friend Melissa Bee. Melissa is very inspiring as she runs events that inspires and empowers people that is to do with spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing. She has hosted many events such as An Evening with Osher Gunsberg, Pete Evans, and then she hosted an event that was to do with the physical and emotional wellbeing. We did yoga, vision boards, and journalling. It was fun and that’s how I have came to know Melissa through these events. .

The film event was held at the Norwood Green, which is literally a shed but it has a very nice display centre at the front entrance so it has a nice ambience as you walk in. There was lovely stalls that was good for the soul such as pizza, pre-packaged protein foods, raw cakes and protein balls. It was all the healthy stuff. I didn’t buy any food as I ate dinner beforehand but the pizza did look good!

It was a sold out event so it was good to come early to get a good seat. We arrived at around 6:30 PM doors had opened at 6:00 PM and got ourselves a nice glass of wine. We then looked at the other stalls. You could get a massage there as well as nice smelling essential oils that you could purchase and also crystals and sage sticks that my friend ended up getting. You could also buy the Miracle Morning book by Hal Elrod, which I bought after seeing this inspiring film. There was six speakers that did a q & a panel before the film where they talked about what they do in the morning and how it benefits them.

If you haven’t seen this documentary yet then you should! It will change your life forever. It made me laugh, smile, and cry. It talks about the benefits of waking up early in the morning and also gives you 6 habits to do that will change your life. These habits are silence, affirmation, visualisation, exercise, reading and scribing or the acronym SAVERS. I started the Miracle Morning challenge a couple of days ago and I already feel more rejuvenated.

At first, it made me tired throughout the day as I had done so much in the morning and my body was just not use to it so I had a nap for two hours. The next day, I am feeling more energised and more inspired to be more productive. I started the Miracle Morning challenge on my days off so there was no pressure to wake up really early like at 5:00 AM. I slowly eased myself into it and I think that’s a good way to start otherwise it will be overwhelming. You shouldn’t put pressure on yourself to do all 6 habits or to get it done by 8:00 AM like the book says. My goal was to do all 6 habits but to get it done by 9:00 AM or by even 9:30 AM (if you have the time) and I had achieved that. It felt good. I now schedule it into my planner so I know when I should wake up to do the Miracle Morning challenge so I have enough time to eat my breakfast, and get ready for work without rushing.

Silence is meditation where I listen to the Calm app and do the daily meditation for 10 minutes. It also gives advice and makes you feel inspired and calm at the start of the day. Like today, for instance, it talked about listening and how to do deal with negative people. It took time to get use to it and to focus your energy on breathing. Next is Affirmation. I have done affirmations before but I never really knew how to do it properly until one of the speakers at the film event talked about affirmation and he said that it needs to be done with conviction.

The affirmation that I wrote this morning was ‘ I may not be the smartest, richest, or married with children but I am kind, caring, helpful, generous and considerate of others, which is most important. I am good enough. I deserve to be happy’. If you repeat that a few times or put it into song you will be convinced that it is true and it does work! My former psychologist even told me to record it and you can replay it when you are feeling down or even when you are feeling inspired.

Visualisation is thinking about the future or writing down your goals. Some people create vision boards but I just write a list of goals down for the day to keep it simple. Next is the important habit – exercise! I hardly felt motivated to do exercise before but now I am excited to do exercise. I only do about 10 – 20 minutes of exercise but I think that’s enough to start off with and can slowly increase just don’t put pressure on yourself at the start. Today, I did 10 minutes of yoga, 10 minutes of gym ball and also did 1 minute of weights. It was enough for me. I like to record the things that I have done in my journal but I will talk about that later in scribing.

After exercise, I set the timer for 10 minutes and did reading. It can’t be any book it has to be a self help book such as the Miracle Morning book by Hal Elrod as this is about personal development and trying to improve yourself. I have also been reading this book called Good Vibes, Good life by Vex King, which is another inspiring book that I use to do read whilst sitting on the toilet now I incorporate it into this Miracle Morning routine.

My favourite habit is scribing or journalling. I love journalling as it makes you feel better and you get things off your chest. I set the timer for 15 minutes and just write what’s on my mind without overthinking it. It’s called stream of consciousness and it’s good for reducing anxiety and stress. If you keep to the Miracle Morning routine, it will eventually reduce depression, anxiety and stress and make you a happier person.

So I hope this blog posts inspires some of you and makes you want to do the Miracle Morning challenge too. Highly recommend to look up Hal Elrod and to buy the book Miracle Morning: The 6 Habits that Will Transform Your Life Before 8 AM. You won’t regret it!

Happy reading!

Love Nat xo

The Paper Club Unboxing | For Stationery Addicts | October Subscription Box

Hi everyone!!

If you’re a follower of my blog then you will know that I have been subscribed to The Paper Club Stationery Subscription Box for a while now. I had just received the October Box and I am so excited to share it with you. Each box will contribute $1 towards OzHarvest, which will feed 2 meals for the homeless so it’s for a really good cause.

This months theme is an Oasis theme that allows you to escape reality.

In this months box we have:

1 x Washitape

1 x Tropical Stickers

1 x Scissors

2 x Tropical Paper Sheets

1 x Greeting Card

1 x Notecards and Envelopes

1 x Monstera Leaves Gift Bag

My favourite items in this months box are the washitape, tropical stickers, and the scissors. I have been a collector of washi tapes since I started my stationery account on Instagram a few years ago so I have a whole box full of washi tape sorted out into different colours. I just love using washi tape as a seal on the back of envelopes or as sticky tape when wrapping presents. I mainly use washi tape for decorating my planner!

Speaking of planners, I have been decorating my planners from stickers that I got from Officeworks as they have a sticker section in the stationery aisle from Carpe Diem that are for planners and calendars. They are just so cute! But these tropical stickers from the Paper Club are cuter and I love the watercolour style they have used for these stickers. I will definitely use them in my planner. Keep an eye out for my planner and washi tape collection.

The last favourite item is the golden scissors with the black trimming on the handle. It just fits my style of my desk so I am glad to have it sitting in my pen holder. The Paper Club have added some really good items in this months box as it’s the first time I have received tropical stickers and golden scissors!

if you want to find out more about the Paper Club then I will put a link to their website here. You can check them out in your own time. The subscription box is only $19.95 a month and all stationery boxes have a combined value of over $50. It’s really worth the money and I have not been disappointed in any box yet. I have loved all the items I have received so far and I am not just saying that because I am a stationery addict.

Overall, I rate this months box 5 out of 5 stars. It’s probably one of the best boxes yet!

Let me know in the comments below if you are subscribed to the Paper Club and what is your favourite item out of this months box? Thank you for reading!


Love Nat xx

Self care Tips for Sick Days

Hi everyone

So I haven’t posted anything since July. My bad… but life has been hectic and I am currently sick with a cold. I had a cold since last Friday. I got a Covid test so I couldn’t do much but stay at home and luckily it turned out negative. I got the results 12 hours later, which was quick as they say you will get the results 24 hrs to 48 hrs after getting tested. I probably got it earlier because I rang up Clinical Labs collection centre to ask if I could get my results earlier. My results were still pending at the time I rang.

I lost my voice on Saturday followed by conjunctivitis. I have had it for a week now. My eyes are getting better though as I have been putting Chlorsig eye drops in and my cold is gone but I have still lost my voice. I am currently taking antibiotics for it so hopefully I will be better by next week. My doctor diagnosed me with adenovirus.

It sucks being sick. You feel sad when you are sick as you are not feeling your best and then you feel stressed because you can’t work but luckily I am permanent position now so I get sick leave. But I use to be on casual so I know what’s it like not getting paid when you are sick. My doctor told me there’s a lot of viruses out there now so we have to be careful, wash your hands thoroughly and don’t touch your face or eyes before washing your hands. That’s probably how I got conjunctivitis.

This virus is probably one of the worse viruses I have ever had as I had a cold, lost my voice and then got conjunctivitis. It felt like I had everything! But now I am feeling much better and so I have learnt some self care tips for when being sick.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

Don’t be too hard on yourself for getting sick. You may feel like crap but it’s not your fault for getting sick. Be kind to yourself. Allow yourself the time to rest and recover. Don’t get angry at yourself for not being able to do things like work or study. Remember, it’s best to stay at home when sick so don’t spread the germs and rest so you can get better.

Treat yourself

Treat yourself to a day of rest or sleep. Allow yourself to recover. Take time off to care for yourself and treat yourself to a nice hot bath, light some candles and pamper yourself. Do something you love that you never get time to do like playing video games, reading a book, or do some meditation if able to do the breathing techniques.

Drink lots of fluids

Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids whether it’s a nice cup of coffee/tea, orange juice or a smoothie. It’s recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day or 2L of water to keep the doctor away.

Get some fresh air

When you have more energy and if it’s nice weather it’s always good to get some fresh air and vitamin D as when you are sick all you just want to do is stay in bed and you are not getting enough vitamin D that you need. So spend at least 10 minutes outdoors when you are able to.

Have a shower

I know you may not feel like having a hot shower when you are sick but having a hot shower is good for getting rid of germs because of the steam, especially if you have nasal congestion.

Allow yourself to stay in pjs the whole day

I don’t like staying in my pyjamas the whole day as you feel dirty but when you are sick you feel dirty anyway so it doesn’t really matter if you stay in your pyjamas or not. I like to get into lounge wear at around late afternoon and I feel so much better.

So those are my self care tips for when you are sick. It’s not much but I hope it helps you for when you get sick but I hope none of you gets sick and take care of yourself by eating healthy, and doing exercise regularly.

Stay safe!

Love N xx

Illuminate Festival | Van Gogh Alive Exhibition Review | Grand Pavilion, North Adelaide

Hi all

Winter is here and what better way to spend the cold nights at the Illuminate Festival. The Illuminate Festival is held in Adelaide from 16 July to 1 August 2021. It’s where the city of Adelaide will light up. It features Van Gogh Alive from 1 July – 22 August, Light Creatures at Adelaide Zoo from 8 July – 1 August, then City Lights from 16 July – 1 August and Light Cycles at Adelaide Botanic Gardens from 15 July – 1 August.

I recently went to Van Gogh Alive at the Grand Pavilion in North Adelaide. Vincent Van Gogh is probably one of the most underrated painters in history so it was lovely to see an exhibition like Van Gogh Alive showcasing his masterpieces like the Starry Night and Sunflowers. He is probably one of my favourite painters of all time with his painting the Starry Night being my favourite painting ever.

As you walk along O’Connell St, you will feel excitement as you see his artworks on the walls of the building. You have to check-in using the QR code but masks are not mandatory. You will be greeted by the cafe on the left and an introduction to the experience and the painter on the right with the sponsor Lexus in the middle as well as the merchandise. It’s best to start from the beginning of Van Gogh’s bedroom.

The first room that we went in was the Starry Night where you will see pretty lights hanging down from the ceiling with the starry night painting on the walls. It was very pretty and a wonderful opportunity to take photos. It’s best to go with someone who will take photos for you and wouldn’t mind doing so.

After about 15 minutes taking photos in the Starry Night room, we then went into the main arena where you have a very spacious room filled with LED screens showcasing a 360 degree view slideshow of Van Gogh’s artworks. It was very creative and well thought out the exhibition. You could sit on the floor or move to different areas of the room for a different angle. We came in the middle of the slideshow so we stayed and sat in a different area of the room to watch the beginning of the slideshow so you can literally sit there for hours and take it all in. You will feel all relaxed as it is in sync with beautiful classical music taking you back in time to the post-impressionist era. The only thing that ruined it though was the Lexus ad and it would have been better if there was different session times for the viewing so we can see from start to finish in one go.

Once we saw the whole thing, we went into the room full of Sunflowers where it feels like you are in a field of Sunflowers. It was very well designed and I would go again if I could. Tickets were $45 for adults but can upgrade the ticket to a package., which I wish I did. I also regret not trying the cafe as the desserts looked so pretty but it was a bit expensive so we went somewhere else for dessert.

O’Connell St has lots of cafes and restaurants so you wouldn’t go hungry. We went to Chocolate-tree for dessert, which was only a 3 minute walk away from the Grand Pavilion. It’s definitely nothing like I have ever seen before . It’s been in 60 cities and has over 3,000 images of Van Gogh’s artwork. I highly recommend Van Gogh Alive as it’s worth the money and it’s a once in a lifetime event so definitely worth going to.

Overall, I rate it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

What did you think of Van Gogh Alive? And what is your favourite painting from Van Gogh?

Love Nat xx

AmandaRachLee’s Undated Doodle Planner | Stationery | Review

Hi everyone

So I recently got a new planner as I just finished my old diary. I actually had one more month left but I was so excited to start this one that I decided to start this planner from July 2021. I was so excited when it arrived on my doorstep yesterday morning. I wasn’t sure what it was as it was in a brown cardboard box but when I opened it I was so excited as I have been waiting for this planner for a long time. I ordered it on June 2 and it had only just arrived but that’s okay because of Covid everything gets delayed and it also came from Canada so it’s to be expected. But it’s definitely worth the wait!

The planner for this year is AmandaRachLee’s Undated Doodle Planner. I was so excited when she released this as I like how it is undated so you can start the planner from whenever you want and it comes with these cute month stickers. I got the planner in a lilac colour with silver foiling for the doodles. It’s very pretty and nicely sealed in plastic to protect the planner. The thickness of the paper is 160 GSM and it’s 160 pages so it is very thick the planner so it is durable. It comes with a band to keep it more private and it also has a pen holder.

I had bought her doodle planners before but I would waste it because I would not use all of the months so it is good that it comes undated now. And I love the theme in this year’s doodle planner.

Themes Included:

  • Art Deco
  • Roses
  • Tropical/Monsterra Leaves
  • Clouds
  • Daisies
  • Lofi/Staying at Home
  • Seashells
  • 80s Retro
  • Stationery
  • Magic/Wizardry
  • Waves
  • Space/Planets

I was excited for the Lofi/Staying at Home and Magic/Wizardry theme as I love listening to lo-fi hip hop and I am a fan of Harry Potter. The themes are definitely better than last year’s planner. I am definitely going to use it this year as I want to keep track of my habits and my mood.

Each month comes with a monthly view, dotted pages, habit tracker, mood tracker, weekly views, and a section for your goals and favourites. It’s like an adult colouring-in book where you can colour in the doodles. I am going to leave mine black and white and just colour in the habit trackers and the mood trackers. I might buy some planner stickers to stick in the planner just to decorate it a bit more but I don’t want to ruin Amanda’s lovely illustrations so I am going to leave it uncoloured. Overall, I rate it 5 out of 5 stars. It’s the perfect planner to organise your life for 2021.

What planner are you using for 2021? Have you used AmandaRachLee’s doodle planner before? What did you think of it? Leave your comments below.

Happy planning!

Love Nat xx

The Paper Club Subscription Box | Winter Gardens | Unboxing Review | June Box

Hi everyone

I just received my June stationery box from the Paper Club. I thought I’d share with you what I got in this month’s box. This month’s theme was a floral winter garden theme. On the card, it said ‘Bringing joy with flowers’ on the front and then on the back it describes what the theme is about.

‘The bright floral designs evoke the wisdom of nature. A flower doesn’t force itself to open but must simply wait to bloom. When we plant a garden, we know the flowers will take time to grow and through these actions we show our belief in a better future and a more beautiful world’ (The Paper Club 2021).

I like the theme of this box. You expect the theme for a winter box to be dark colours but the colours of the theme is a mixture of bright and dark. It has a blue, red, yellow and gold theme with a hint of green. The design somehow all works well together as one.

The box includes:

1 x rose gold ruler
2 x gel pens
1 x letter writing set
2 x greeting cards
1 x gift tags
1 x wrapping paper

The box is encouraging you to take time to make time. It says ‘get cosy and create something special with the gorgeous pens, nurturing within yourself the seeds for a luscious life’. I love the rose gold ruler, gel pens, the letter writing set and the wrapping paper. I will definitely use those. I love collecting greeting cards so I will add those to my collection. I am not a huge fan of the design of the gift tags, letter writing set and the greeting cards of the red flowers. I prefer the simpler designs like of the wrapping paper and the other greeting card but it’s still a gorgeous box and I love how it encourages you to write. Overall, I rate this box 4 out of 5 stars. I can tell a lot of effort has been put into it with their own packaging and designs. It still makes me excited for the next box!

Greeting cards
Rose gold ruler and gift wrapping paper
Gel pens
Writing Set

Let me know if you have subscribed to the Paper Club. What did you think of it? Each box goes towards OzHarvest so it makes you feel good subscribing to it. Enjoy being a stationery addict like me.

Love Nat x

Bubbles and Brushes | Van Gogh’s Starry Night DIY Paint Kit Review

Hi all

I wanted to talk about my experience with Bubbles and Brushes. They are an Australian company that holds painting workshops or you can order their paint kits online, which is what I did. I ordered the ‘Van Gogh’s Starry Night’ DIY Paint Kit. I ordered it on the 9th May but it took about a month to get here after many correspondents by email asking where my delivery was and how long it will take. I was getting annoyed by the end of it and wanted a refund if it doesn’t arrive as it was taking too long. I got parcels from China earlier than them and it was not that cheap. It was $45 plus shipping fee.

So I was bit disappointed when it arrived as the presentation didn’t look that great. It just came in a cardboard box with a stencil with the outline of the painting that wasn’t quite accurate, a plastic plate, a few paint pots with mostly the primary colours in them, a couple of brushes, a canvas, and instructions on how to paint it.

The description on the website says ‘Pour yourself a glass of something delicious, pick up your brand new brushes, take in that new canvas smell and flick through the pages of your booklet as we guide you through this painting journey. Tuck your stencil behind your canvas to trace your piece outline and away you go! If you really get stuck, we’re here for you anytime – just send us through your question and we’ll work on it together’ (Bubbles and Brushes 2021).

I think the presentation could be better considering the price of the paint kit but it was fun to do and it got me interested in painting again. It was quite relaxing. I want to learn how to do acrylic painting better now. There’s this class on Skillshare, which seems quite informative. If you don’t know about Skillshare then it is an online learning platform with millions of classes to choose from photography to learning how to take care of your indoor plants. This is not sponsored but it’s very useful if you want to learn something new.

Overall, it’s a very interesting concept but I probably wouldn’t buy from them again and just do my own painting as it’s cheaper. At least it got me started and interested in painting again so I am grateful for that. The process took about an hour and I am happy with how it turned out. It’s not at all like Van Gogh’s Starry Night but my own version of it and I am happy with how it turned out. I was going to give it to my dad for his birthday but I am thinking of keeping the painting for my self as I am proud of it. The instructions were easy to follow. It’s a good idea to look at the original painting first to see what it is suppose to look like. I kept having to look back at the picture that was on the front cover of the manual but in the end I just did it my style. You don’t have to follow exactly. Just have fun with it! I rate the whole experience 3 out of 5 stars.

Hope this post inspires you to start painting again.

Love Nat xo

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6 Tips on How to Stay Calm Before An Assessment

Hi all

So I have been studying for exams in the last couple of weeks. They are not written exams but it’s more practical exams where we have to do role play and answer some oral questions. Last week it was about diabetes but I needed to redo some of it as I had trouble drawing up the syringe. Usually I would have cried and given myself a hard time but because I have been doing these 6 tips lately it has helped to reframe my thoughts and to keep calm during an assessment.


I highly recommend to do meditation. It has changed my life. It has cleared my mind before an exam or assessment and has helped me to concentrate on my breathing, which helps with anxiety. It takes a while to get started though but like all things you just need to keep going at it and practice! Practice makes perfect. What I do for meditation is that as soon as I wake up, I go to the toilet and also turn off the lights as I sleep with the side table light on as I am afraid of the dark believe it or not at my age. I then do meditation in bed using an app called Calm. I really love this app as it has a lot of features, topics, and it’s very calming. They recommend to sit in a comfortable position but I like to lie in bed as it’s more comfortable for me and I can concentrate better but just remember not to fall asleep during meditation.

I love listening to Tamara Levitt as her voice is very soothing and she gives really good tips, especially with the daily meditation. I do daily meditation every morning and with each meditation there is a different topic. Today I learnt about tenderness and about being gentle with yourself. I really loved the quote that she used in this daily meditation, which I will post here for inspiration. You have to pay to use the Calm app but I really think it’s worth it. It takes time and practice to concentrate and to focus on breathing but the more you do it the better you become. Trust me!


After meditation, I do journalling. I really love journalling as it helps clears my mind. I sit by my front window in my comfortable chair surrounded by my plants and soaking in the morning sunshine (if there is any in the morning as right now it is winter). I then grab an A5 notebook, a pen and turn on Ambient Relaxation playlist on Spotify. It’s really calming and relaxing for journalling. You can use any notebook but I love getting mine from Typo as they have really cute designs and it’s cheap as sometimes you can get 3 for $10 or something crazy like that. I then start reflecting on meditation, doing affirmations, and visualising my goals in my journal and then I write down what I did for exercise and reading followed by scribing. It’s like I’m keeping a record on what I did.

I do 20 minutes of writing down what’s on my mind and reflecting on what I did yesterday. I also write down what I am going to do that day. I write down about my worries and then talk about how I can improve and then do gratitude towards the end. I even tell myself to have a lovely day and to keep smiling. It just boosts my mood and helps me get things off my chest. It’s great! It clears my mind before an exam or assessment and helps me keep calm as I remember my affirmations and helps me to remember to breathe as it’s in my goals for the day that I write down in my journal. I really love journalling and I highly recommend to do it in the morning.


I have been doing yoga religiously every day. Well, except when I have really bad pain from my Endometriosis or my Fibromyalgia then I don’t do any exercise. I give myself permission to take a break and I don’t put any pressure on myself to do it. I do Yoga when I feel like it and that’s okay.

I have been loving Yoga with Bird on Youtube. I highly recommend her for Yoga as she’s very calming and positive. She gives you plenty of options and tells you to embrace all the wiggles and shakes and don’t put pressure on yourself to do all the moves just do what is best for you. Her videos can be rushed towards the end and repetitive but I just choose what video I feel like doing that day and her routines are not very long, which is what I like about them they are about 5 – 15 minutes long with the latest one being 30 minutes but 15 minutes is enough for me. I take out my Yoga mat and do the routines in my living room with my apple TV. I like to close the blinds and turn on the heater whilst doing it during winter to give it the cozy atmosphere. You can use candles if you like to set the mood but I don’t as it gets distracting. I feel stronger and more energised afterwards and her evening routines are very relaxing. In most of her routines, she ends it with meditation so you feel relaxed and good afterwards, which helps with staying calm before an exam or assessment.


Practicing for an exam or assessment always helps with staying confident and calm as you know what you’re doing or know what you’re going to talk about. I don’t recommend practicing at the last minute like I do as my brain copes better that way but I do recommend to practice a few days or a couple of weeks before just to get confident at it. I have learnt to write down scripts before the practical exam so I know what I am going to say during the role play. As you practice you learn what’s the best way for you to study for your exam and to keep calm.

Breathe and take a break

Meditation helps with practicing breathing and it helps to breathe before or during the assessment. Sometimes I forget to breathe during my role play and I start to get muddled or anxious. When I get anxious, I just stop and tell myself to breathe and stay calm. If you’re waiting with friends before an assessment it helps to take a break from last minute preparation and to socialise with your friends to stay calm and help support each other. Also, always remember to take a break whilst studying! Reward yourself for studying.

Do Affirmation

I have really appreciated affirmation and it has helped me to keep calm before an assessment as I tell myself that I can do it and that I know what I am doing as I am smart. It helps with reframing negative thoughts and turning them into positive ones. I recommend to do affirmations every day and write them down in your journal. It doesn’t matter if it’s the same every day as it will help you to remember them. You can always change it up by adding on to it, which is what I do. You can do affirmations when you start to feel negative energy and it really helps to calm your mind. I always start with ‘I am…’ with each affirmation.

‘I am kind, caring, friendly, gentle and pleasant. I am strong. I am warrior. I am smart in my own way. I am beautiful on the inside on the outside. I deserve to be loved as I am loveable. I am worthy of love. I am good enough.’

You can use my affirmation or you can start writing down your own. Leave your affirmation in the comments if you don’t mind sharing to help support each other during this tough time.

Hope these tips will be useful for you. Good luck with your exam or assessments! YOU CAN DO IT! Keep calm and stay positive.

Love Nat xx

My Endometriosis Journey

Hi all

So my Endometriosis journey is probably the hardest thing to write about on here as it has caused a lot of pain in my life. It all started in 2013 at age 26 when I was lying on the couch in my parent’s living room and all of a sudden i felt this sudden pain where I felt like I was dying and that I couldn’t breathe. My dad was the only one at home and we were going to go to a Chinese New Year banquet at Vietnam restaurant but that obviously didn’t happen. I remember that my dad called my mum and my sister who were not there at the time. My sister is a doctor she would know what to do and she said I should go to hospital so my dad had to carry me down the stairs into the car and and drove me to the ED at Queen Elizabeth Hospital. I was then put on morphine as I was in so much pain. I then had some scans done and they said I had an ovarian cyst that had burst. It was the worst pain I had ever felt in my life. Since then I found out I had Stage 4 Endometriosis with reoccurring ovarian cysts and have had three laparoscopic surgeries to remove the Endometriosis. It seems to come back every two years and I am on the pill with a Mirena to stop the bleeding I get from my periods. Apparently, I would have it growing up but I don’t remember getting bad pain when I was in school. I was just getting heavy periods and I would go to the sick bay a lot because I would feel nausea. My sister would think I was faking it as I would get to go home but I think she was just annoyed that she would have to take me home.

If you don’t know what Endometriosis is according to Endometriosis Australia (2020) it occurs in 1 in 10 women and also in 176 million women worldwide so it is very common and I was surprised by how many of my girl friends had it when I was diagnosed with Endometriosis. Endometriosis is present when the tissue that is similar to the lining of the uterus (womb) occurs outside of this layer and causes pain/or infertility (Endometriosis Australia 2020). It is a debilitating illness and it sometimes it can be ignored by doctors or misdiagnosed because it can be considered as normal part of having a period. But if you experience pain that stops you from doing things on or around your period then that is not normal and you should go to your GP. I was lucky enough to get diagnosed straightaway due to my chocolate cyst.

Signs and symptoms as cited on Endometriosis Australia (2020) include:

  • Fatigue
  • Pain that stops you on or around your period
  • Pain on or around ovulation.
  • Pain during or after sex.
  • Pain with bowel movements.
  • Pain when you urinate.
  • Pain in your pelvic region, lower back or legs.
  • Having trouble holding on when you have a full bladder or having to go frequently.
  • Heavy bleeding or irregular bleeding.

I would get fatigue, nausea, joint pain, pelvic pain, pain during urinating and bowel movements, pain during or after sex but my pain was not as bad as some other people who cannot get out of bed. I am still able to do things but my pain is getting worse now and I think I have Fibromyalgia, which can be a comorbidity of Endometriosis. I am getting pain all the time now that I would take pain medication everyday. I have to have my fourth surgery at the end of the year as my Endo came back but it’s not as bad. The Endo has just moved my cervix and pushed up against my uterus so I am getting a hysteroscopy done to remove the Endometriosis and also botox injection to stop the spasms.

I would have Endometriosis for the rest of my life so this is my chronic condition, which sucks because it’s an invisible illness and it’s hard to say that I am unwell because no one can see it. I get low moods and currently on antidepressants to help with my depression and anxiety that I get from my pain. It makes me stronger though as a person and it makes me feel like I am warrior. Through Endometriosis I have discovered a community that understand what I am going through. I have been to high teas held by Endometriosis Australia, and there was a cabaret at this year’s Fringe called Endo Days that was like an Endo Support Group. It was so much fun. I have also held a sausage sizzle to raise funds for Endometriosis Australia.

I recommend checking out Endometriosis Australia, which has helped me a-lot with resources, education and support. Endometriosis Australia raises awareness about Endometriosis and also raises funds that goes towards research and education. I also recommend Pelvic Pain Australia and Jean Hailes for other resources.

Do any of you have Endometriosis? If so, how long did it take for you to be diagnosed? What signs and symptoms do you have? It would be nice to form an Endo community on here. So welcome Endo Sisters! I am going to update regularly about my Endometriosis so I will keep a diary. Thanks for listening!

Love Nat xx

Self Love Book Club | The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**K vs **** NO! by Sarah Knight | Book Review

Hi all

After finishing Good Vibes, Good Life by Vex King, I went on to reading The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**K by Sarah Knight. I’ve had this sitting on my shelf for a long time but I just had not been wanting to read this until I started reading her other book ***** NO! by Sarah Knight, which is How to Stop Saying Yes When You Can’t, You Shouldn’t or You Just Don’t Want To.

Her books are a bit hard to get into in my opinion with the repetitive use of the F word throughout the book and her sense of humour. She uses serif fonts throughout her two books and also highlights the important phrases in the book in bold. Sarah gives good tips and exercises throughout her books. For example, in the Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**K she tells you to do a Fuck Budget, which is a list of things that you Don’t Give a Fuck About and also a list of things that you Do Give a Fuck About. See what I mean by the repetitive use of the F word? I am sorry if this offends you but there will be a lot of F words in this post but you can blame Sarah Knight for that.

Sarah Knight compares her method to the Marie Kondo method of tidying up in her book The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**K. She names her method as the NotSorry Method and uses decluttering as getting rid of all the F**Ks in your life. This includes Things, Work, Friends, Acquaintances, Strangers, and the hardest one Family. I wanted to read this book because I wanted to get some tips on how to say no to my family who put pressure on me to finish my nursing. I know I should finish my nursing as I am nearly there but I am not enjoying it all and I feel I am not good enough to be a nurse. I get stressed, emotional and depressed when it comes to assessments. But I need to finish it because I don’t want to disappoint my parents and I don’t want other people to think I am a failure as I have given up so many times. But who cares what other people think? Is their opinion more important than your happiness? So this book gives useful tips when it comes to giving advice on not giving a F**K. It states that once you feel guilty, you have already failed at not giving a f**k. It is highlighted in bold so it is an important phrase to remember and it helps to encourage you to not give a fuck.

I prefer to read Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**K more than than F*** No! Because I need to learn how to not care what other people think more than learning how to say no. It states that no is an acceptable answer and you shouldn’t feel guilty about saying no either. This book also gives you plenty of exercises to do and also there’s a quiz to identify if you are a People-Pleaser, an Overachiever, a Pushover, or have a serious FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). I think I am a people-pleaser and have serious FOMO sometimes I say yes to things because I don’t want to miss out and also I want to make people happy so I feel bad when I say no to things. But I do know how to say no so don’t really need this book as much as the other one.

Overall, I don’t really know if I like Sarah Knight’s writing style. It’s hard to get used too. I want to get her other books though Get Your S*** Together, You Do You and Calm the F*** Down but I don’t really need the last one. I am calm most of the time except when I am stressed when it comes to studying and also when I get a-lot of pain from my Endometriosis. Maybe her other books will inspire me more? Who knows? What did you think of her books? Have you read them yet? Let me know in the comments below. Because I haven’t finished her books yet I can’t really rate them but I will let you know what I rate them in my next Self Love Book Club post.

Happy reading!

Love Nat xx

Self Love Book Club | Good Vibes, Good Life by Vex King | Book Review

Hi all

So I just finished this book called Good Vibes, Good Life by Vex King. It was funny how I stumbled across it as I had first seen it on Pinterest and thought that the cover was a really nice print. I did not know that it was an actual book until I saw it at a book shop and so I thought it must be fate! I just had to get it so I bought the book from QBD book shop.

It was the first book that got me out of the slump I was in. I had not picked up a book in ages and I wanted to get back into reading again. I was hooked by Vex’s words and wisdom from the start to finish. I really enjoyed his writing and he gives good advice throughout the book. He gives you past experiences and stories so can understand the topic better and some of it is quite relatable. The text is simple sans serif but the quotes are a contrast to the body of the text as they are in a serif font and in a bigger size that are scattered throughout the book. The headings are in bold and in a sans serif font that makes it easier to follow. The colour theme of this book is nice and simple with a gold and white cover. I don’t know much about Vex King but I know he was a music producer that turned into a mindful coach and became popular through Instagram. You can check out his instagram here: @vexking.

There’s seven parts or headings to this book, which are:

  • Part One: A Matter of Vibes
  • Part Two: Positive Lifestyle Habits
  • Part Three: Make Yourself a Priority
  • Part Four: Accepting Yourself
  • Part Five: Manifesting Goals: Mind Work
  • Part Six: Taking Goals, Mind Action
  • Part Seven: Pain and Purpose

If any of these headings struck a chord in you then this is the book for you!

The ending felt a bit rushed in my opinion as the chapters weren’t so long compared to the others but other than that it was a really good book and I highly recommend it to people who love self help books just as much as I do. I felt like I really needed this book whilst I was reading it and it has helped me think about things a lot! It’s put things in perspective for me. I rate this book 4.5 out of 5 stars. If you have read it, what did you think of it?

I decided to start a self love book club because I love reading self help books and I want others to feel inspired too. So this week I recommend reading Good Vibes, Good life by Vex King. Let me know what you learnt from this book and how it has changed you. I will probably do this every month to give you time to finish the book and to let me know what the thoughts are. I don’t know it’s just an idea. I may just recommend books to you and you can just read it in your own time with no pressure. Actually, I think that’s better. I will do it weekly every Thursday and you can add it to your list of books to read and read it in your own time.

Happy reading!

Love Nat xx