My Cozy Nook Edit | Kmart Slimline Trolley | Decorating, Organising, & Decluttering

Hi everyone

So I have been really loving decorating, organising and decluttering my house so I thought I will post more of how I have been decorating and organising my house. I live in a small two-bedroom unit that is owned by my parents but I am renting from them and it will basically be mine when I have a full-time job. That will hopefully be soon when I finish my nursing course in June.

I have been living here for the last 6 years. I can’t believe it’s been that long already! I still remember my housewarming party when I first moved in 2016. It’s taken me a while to love my place and to feel comfortable living here but I am now nearly there and really happy with it. I can’t imagine living anywhere else as it’s close to literally everything! It’s only 10 minutes away from the city and 10 minutes away from the airport, Ikea, and Bunnings. It’s close to nice cafes like Karma and Crow, Devour cafe, a nice Vegan bakery that just moved here called Cherry Darlings and it’s close to lovely shops such as House and Gardens and Wholers. We also have the lovely Marion Hotel nearby and Westfield Marion shopping centre. It’s also not far from Westfield West Lakes too and my family so I am happy with the location and the house.

I wanted to take you on my journey of decorating and organising my house so here are some photos of what I have done so far. The colour theme for my house is grey, pink and dark blue with red, gold, and green accents. I am not an interior designer by any means… I just love decorating!

First up is this slimline trolley that I got from Kmart. The quality of the trolley was not that good as some of the wood was damaged when I first opened it but I thought for that price it is not bad and I couldn’t be bothered returning it. You can’t see it anyway after you have built it.

I had to build it myself so it took a long time to build about two hours as there were lots of bits and bobs. It made my space look prettier though and took up less space since the trolley was slimline. I was using my Ikea Raskog trolley before and that was taking up too much space in the dining area so I placed it in the kitchen instead and used it for more storage. I will show you how I use the Ikea Raskog trolley now in another post.

It took a while to figure out where to place everything. Some of the bigger bottles could not fit on the upper shelves as too big so I had to put it on the bottom shelf even though it’s my favourite gin. At first, I placed my hand sanitiser, Glen 20, mosquito repellant, and foot spray on the top shelf for easy access and I take off my shoes next to it but then when I posted that photo on the Kmart hacks group page people were making fun of it and commenting on it but now I understand why so I decided to move it. I removed it from the top shelf and now it looks cleaner and less cluttered. And I love it now!

What do you all think of it? Do you love it or hate it?

Please leave your thoughts in the comment below or like this post.

Love Nat xx

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