AmandaRachLee’s Undated Doodle Planner | Stationery | Review

Hi everyone

So I recently got a new planner as I just finished my old diary. I actually had one more month left but I was so excited to start this one that I decided to start this planner from July 2021. I was so excited when it arrived on my doorstep yesterday morning. I wasn’t sure what it was as it was in a brown cardboard box but when I opened it I was so excited as I have been waiting for this planner for a long time. I ordered it on June 2 and it had only just arrived but that’s okay because of Covid everything gets delayed and it also came from Canada so it’s to be expected. But it’s definitely worth the wait!

The planner for this year is AmandaRachLee’s Undated Doodle Planner. I was so excited when she released this as I like how it is undated so you can start the planner from whenever you want and it comes with these cute month stickers. I got the planner in a lilac colour with silver foiling for the doodles. It’s very pretty and nicely sealed in plastic to protect the planner. The thickness of the paper is 160 GSM and it’s 160 pages so it is very thick the planner so it is durable. It comes with a band to keep it more private and it also has a pen holder.

I had bought her doodle planners before but I would waste it because I would not use all of the months so it is good that it comes undated now. And I love the theme in this year’s doodle planner.

Themes Included:

  • Art Deco
  • Roses
  • Tropical/Monsterra Leaves
  • Clouds
  • Daisies
  • Lofi/Staying at Home
  • Seashells
  • 80s Retro
  • Stationery
  • Magic/Wizardry
  • Waves
  • Space/Planets

I was excited for the Lofi/Staying at Home and Magic/Wizardry theme as I love listening to lo-fi hip hop and I am a fan of Harry Potter. The themes are definitely better than last year’s planner. I am definitely going to use it this year as I want to keep track of my habits and my mood.

Each month comes with a monthly view, dotted pages, habit tracker, mood tracker, weekly views, and a section for your goals and favourites. It’s like an adult colouring-in book where you can colour in the doodles. I am going to leave mine black and white and just colour in the habit trackers and the mood trackers. I might buy some planner stickers to stick in the planner just to decorate it a bit more but I don’t want to ruin Amanda’s lovely illustrations so I am going to leave it uncoloured. Overall, I rate it 5 out of 5 stars. It’s the perfect planner to organise your life for 2021.

What planner are you using for 2021? Have you used AmandaRachLee’s doodle planner before? What did you think of it? Leave your comments below.

Happy planning!

Love Nat xx

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