What I Ate At the Vegan Festival

The Adelaide Vegan Festival was held over the weekend for two days from 31 October – 1 November 2020. I went there for the first time on Sunday. I had always wanted to go see what it was like but I never got the chance until one of my friends, who is Vegan, invited me on Sunday. I am not Vegan but I am Vcurious as they call it.

It was held at Rymill Park off East Terrace where the Adelaide Fringe is normally held. I am not sure if it is normally held there or if it is held there this year because of the pandemic. It’s a spacious venue so you are able to do more social distancing. As you enter, you have to write down your details on a form either on paper or on digital using your phone. This is so they are able to contact you if there was ever a Covid-19 case there and you have to sanitise your hands but nobody really does anymore. I still do though just so I don’t spread my germs.

There were definitely lots of stalls at the event. Right near the entrance, there are shops where they promote or bring awareness to saving the environment or the wildlife. They also had lots of gift stalls that was nice to look at it. My first purchase was ice cream from Sassi, which does Middle Eastern flavoured ice cream that is dairy free. It’s the first time I tried it but apparently it’s very popular. It’s a must try if you ever stumble across that stall as the flavours are unique. I had the sage with pomegranate ice cream. You could definitely taste the sage but not much of the pomegranate (I felt there was just a hint of it). It was really tasty though. I enjoyed my ice cream whilst sitting on the grass in the shade. Definitely felt like summer was coming as it was quite warm that day.

At the Adelaide Vegan Festival, I felt there was a bohemian vibe as there was picnic rugs and cushions scattered everywhere across the park. There were food stalls on both sides of the park but more on the other side. It was interesting to look at as I didn’t know that Enzo’s At Home did vegan pastas. I also didn’t know that Soza’s, which is a Sri Lankan Street Food stall, did vegan food as I just had them at the Lucky Dumpling Market festival where I had chicken curry with rice (but that’s for another post). I am not sure if all the stalls there were vegan but I assumed so otherwise it will be contradictory.

I met my niece and her partner there as well my nephew and his partner. It was nice bumping into them as I hadn’t seen them for a while because of the pandemic. They brought their dog with them. We had a chat then my friend and I went to get lunch. There was lots of dessert stalls, which was tempting to get as I had Let Them Eat before and there was a nice donut stall that sold pastries too. But I decided to be good and went to Bob Bowls, which does cheese sandwiches. It sounded so good and I really liked the look of their food truck. Out the front, they had an avocado that was sliced in half and I wanted to take a photo sitting in it but I felt like I would get in trouble and I was shy.

From Bob Bowls, I had their Rueben cheese sandwich, which came with eggplant pastrami, kraut, Russian mayo and melted cheese on dark rye bread. It was really nice but very filling as I ordered sides as well, which was chips and more Kraut. I should have just had it by itself as I hardly ate the chips and it felt like there was just too much Kraut. I just had one half of the sandwich and my friend had the other half. The dark rye bread was nice and fresh and I felt like it was toasted as it was crunchy. It just melted in your mouth as well because of the melted cheese that was inside it. I couldn’t see the eggplant pastrami just saw the Kraut and I think the Russian mayo was left on the side. I still enjoyed it and I would have it again. My nephew said it was a good choice as he just had it.

I couldn’t stay for long as I had a high tea event at around 1:30 PM but I wish I could have stayed longer. Overall, I enjoyed the Vegan Festival. I would go again as the entrance fee was very cheap and lots to see. It was only $10 for one day and $15 both days. One day is enough though I felt like. It’s a nice event for Vegans or even if you’re just curious about Veganism. Have you been to the Adelaide Vegan Festival? If so, what did you think of it?

Thanks for reading!

Love N xx

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