6 Tips on How to Get Motivated to Study

Hi all

So I guess you can say I am a pro when it comes to trying to get motivated to study as I have been studying all my life. I am currently studying my Diploma of Nursing at TafeSA doing my enrolled nursing so I need to stay on top of all my assessments. I tend to do all my assessments last minute but that’s how my brain works and it’s how I work best but I do get them done by the due date, which is important. Here are some tips on how I get motivated to study:

1. Tidy up the House

This may seem like procrastination but it actually helps clear your mind and make you more focused on studying. It also helps you feel less distracted when it comes to studying. I like to do this before I study whether it’s just tidying up your workspace, your house, or just some dishes in the sink.

2. Get ready for the day

I like to feel fresh before I study so I like to get ready for the day. I get dressed, do my skincare, brush my hair, and brush my teeth. It makes me feel more awake and more motivated to study. I don’t like studying in my pyjamas as it makes me feel lazy and wanting to go to bed so getting ready for the day helps with motivation.

3. Make a drink

I tend to feel dehydrated in the morning so I like to make myself a cup of tea before I start studying. This helps wake me up but if you don’t drink tea then you can make yourself a coffee, a nice smoothie or even water will help make you feel more motivated to study.

4. Create Your Study Environment

This helps with getting motivated to study as it helps set the mood for studying. I like to close the blinds in my office a little bit so I don’t get distracted by the sunlight and I like to close the door so I create that warm and cosy feeling as the room tends to get cold. I also like to sometimes turn on my fake candle and I like to play music in the background when I am studying but not pop, heavy metal or rock music. I like to play lo fi hip hop when I am studying. You can find it by clicking here or you can find it on spotify. I like it because it’s a mixture of jazz and hip hop and it’s not too loud. It’s nice and relaxing but not too relaxing! It’s famous because of the girl in the animation. It can be distracting as there is a chatroom on ChilledCow’s Youtube channel so I like to open a new tab and put it in the background.

5. Choose a time to study

I tend to study best in the afternoon so I like to rest and take it easy in the morning then I like to study in the afternoon around 2:00 PM after lunch and work until 5:00 PM but everyone is different and has different times when they like to study. Choose what is best for you!

6. Do a To-Do List

This probably comes under organisation like how to stay organised when it comes to studying but it also helps with motivation in my opinion. I like to make a to-do list before I start studying. I write down all the tasks that need to get done and then I like to prioritise them from most important to least important and cross them off as I go. After completing each task, I like to reward myself to motivate me to get them done. You can buy a to do list pad or you can just jot it down in your notebook. I bought my to do pad from Kikki.K.

So these are my tips on how I get motivated to study. What are your tips? Please leave them in the comments below as I am always happy to learn from others.

Thanks for reading!

Love N xx

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